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KVD seeking record-tying fourth Bassmaster Classic title

Feb 19, 2011

Kevin VanDam, still singing the same old song.

Classic pros disagree on value of final practice

Feb 16, 2011

NEW ORLEANS -- If the Bassmaster Classic was a bake-off, Wednesday wouldn't be the day when you made your cake. You might add the icing, perhaps put the candles on top, but for the most part the hard work would have already been done.

2011 Bassmaster Classic - Practice - OTW II

Feb 16, 2011

This album contain images from the first official 2011 Bassmaster Classic practice.

Knowing When to Quit Early

Jan 21, 2011

One of the oldest clichés in the tournament fisherman's book is "start early and stay late." When it comes to practicing for Elite Series events, it's one that veteran Alabama pro Tim Horton usually adheres to.

Denny Brauer: Getting horizontal to be different

Jan 21, 2011

Denny Brauer's tips on fishing horizontal cover.

Fine Tuning During the Offseason

Jan 21, 2011

Fine Tuning During the Offseason with Grant Goldbeck

G-Man: Strengthening Your Weakest Link

Jan 21, 2011

Strengthening Your Weakest Link with Elite Series Pro Gerald Swindle

Herren on Picking Large Dock

Jan 21, 2011

Matt Herren is a rookie on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail, but it's a fallacy to consider him anything other than a veteran tournament competitor. Over the years, he's won tens of thousands of dollars not only from his Alabama cohorts, but from anglers around the country as well. And a sizeable percentage of those funds has been earned with a flipping stick in hand.

Howell: Full Arsenal of Baits

Jan 21, 2011

Whether you fish at the Elite Series level or just for weekend enjoyment, maximizing your success on the water depends on the ability to wring every last ounce of fish out of a given area. Even if you've found the ultimate school, no one wants to leave any fish behind.

Kiriyama: Prefishing Without a Rod

Jan 21, 2011

Kota Kiriyama's blowout win in the 2008 Elite Series tournament on Lake Erie was no accident. His 93 pounds of smallmouth caught over four days, an average approaching 5 pounds per fish, were the result of a practice strategy that began several years earlier. While the average weekend angler may not have the time to approach every lake the same way, it provides a template for discovering subtle offshore structure.