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Staying busy in ‘offseason’

Oct 19, 2012

It may be the fall fishing season but it’s also a time when Elite Series pros are busy working with sponsors.

'Life experiences' with B.A.S.S. continue

Apr 7, 2011

Jon Stewart shares his life experience with anglers, events, and family as he writes about his history with B.A.S.S. and talks about expectations of new chapters with the new ownership of the company.

Kentucky Lake: Ready to let loose

Jun 18, 2010

On Day three of the 2010 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph on Kentucky Lake, the bass had better look out. Read how Kevin VanDam wants to catch as much as he can.

Kentucky Lake: No surprise

Jun 16, 2010

Kevin VanDam, the planet's best angler, takes the lead at the weigh-in of the Kentucky Lake this week. Unlike years from the past, things have been a struggle so far.

Kentucky Lake: VanDam does it again

Jun 16, 2010

Despite a rough start, VanDam opened up a 6-pound lead at the Tennessee Triumph Thursday. With a two-day total of 49 pounds, 2 ounces, he is closing in on another victory.

Kentucky Lake: VanDam holds the lead

Jun 16, 2010

Kevin VanDam lost nearly half of his six pound advantage as Kelly Jordan closed the gap with 24 pounds, 0 ounces. VanDam continues to see his weight decline each of three competition days.

Kentucky Lake: KVD cranks out victory

Jun 16, 2010

In this article, you can read how VanDam's victory at the Tennessee Triumph lays waste to rumors of a struggle and puts him at the top of his game.

Kentucky Lake: Running down KVD

Jun 12, 2010

Kevin VanDam with a 3-pound lead on Kentucky Lake with only one day left to fish is hard to beat but Edwin Evers and Kelly Jordon are strong contenders to the end.

Jordon's big bass

Jun 10, 2010

Christmas came more than six months early for Kelly Jordon and several other Elite pros during Day Two of the Tennessee Triumph.

Kentucky Lake: Ledge confusion

Jun 10, 2010

No lake in the country is more famous for ledge fishing than Kentucky Lake, but the normally bountiful offshore structure has become less dependable this time around.