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The Marshal Journals

Jun 4, 2009

PARIS, Tenn. — After a 30-minute run on Kentucky Lake from Paris Landing, Rick Morris put a spanking on the ol' largemouth on Day One. I can see why people get spoiled catching fish after being on this lake, because he caught one fish after another. After picking through a lot of smaller fish, Rick managed to bust a big one or two on each spot. He was using a cranking pattern that involved ledges, shell beds, and grass. The real key to his success will remain a secret until after the tournament because it's a technique he uses when it comes to cranking.

Rookies rule

Jun 4, 2009

The field is full of past ROY winners at the Tennessee Triumph.

Fish Management 101

Jun 4, 2009

Along a ledge at Kentucky Lake, Bobby Lane has hit paydirt.

Bobby Lane

Jun 4, 2009

Bobby Lane has a winning stratedy, so far, at the Tennessee Triumph that he's sticking with.

Big bites at the Tennessee Triumph

Jun 4, 2009

The general consensus is that the big fish were biting Day One of the Tennessee Triumph.

Day One from Kentucky Lake

Jun 3, 2009

Hear what the pros have to say after Day One of the Tennessee Triumph.

The early returns are good

Jun 3, 2009

It only took Bobby Lane until 10:30 to catch what he needed to lead on Day One of the Tennessee Triumph.

Bobby Lane Day One

Jun 3, 2009

Day One of the SpongeTech Tennessee Triumph on Kentucky Lake has Bobby Lane out front with a one-plus pound lead.

'Out-of-control good'

Jun 1, 2009

"Out-of-control good" is what 2008 Bassmaster Classic champion Alton Jones of Waco, Texas, calls the fishing at Kentucky Lake, where the Bassmaster Elite Series will head to next for the June 3-6 SpongeTech Tennessee Triumph out of Paris, Tenn.

2008 Bassmaster Central Open #2: Kentucky Lake

Oct 1, 2008

"The coffee scent was critical to my success. The fish didn't hold on to the lure very long. They seemed to like the coffee taste and held it just a moment longer than other plastics. That gave me the time I needed to set the hook."