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Defensive battle so far

Oct 23, 2014

Closing in on the end of the first hour in this two-hour battle, it's a low-scoring affair, as in 0-0. Walker has moved again, this time to an island in the French Broad River.

Sanders and Browning commentators for Bass Brawl

Oct 23, 2014

Tommy Sanders and Stephen Browning comment as Randy Howell and David Walker fish in the first B.A.S.S. Brawl on the Tennessee River near Knoxville. The two were monitoring Facebook questions to answer and relay to Howell and Walker. Sanders said the use of the new technology to broadcast live from the water will be a game-changer for bass fishing coverage on B.A.S.S. He said you can expect to see more B.A.S.S. Brawls on, and the live look-ins from the water will be a boon to coverage during the Bassmaster Classic.

Home sweet home on the Tennessee River

Oct 23, 2014

Knoxville my home town. I grew up in the hills of East Tennessee, though I live in Birmingham, Alabama now, so this little duel between Randy Howell and David Walker has great interest for me. David is representing the state of Tennessee and Randy is representing Alabama.  I'm thinking my Tennessee Vols do not have a great chance against the 4th ranked Crimson Tide this Saturday on the football field. The Vols record is 3-4, and they are struggling. So I'm hoping David Walker can have a good day today and perhaps provide a little redemption for us starving Vol fans. 

Walker keeps moving up

Oct 23, 2014

David Walker has hopscotched his way up the Tennessee River. His third stop came at the confluence of the Holston and French Broad rivers.    Neither he nor Randy Howell have had a bite yet. But conditions are good. It's interesting to watch the two anglers work through a range of baits. Walker has five rods on his boat deck. Howell brought 10 rods into Walker's boat.   They've both employed spinnerbaits, crankbaits and jigs in trying to get a clue as to what the bass want this morning.

Starting upstream

Oct 23, 2014

With David Walker in control first, he has chosen to move up the Tennessee River from our launch site this morning. There are all three black bass species in the river here,  including some big smallmouths.   Three members of t he University of Tennessee bass fishing club are here this morning - Will Painter, Jackson Minnich and Jay Emmert. They put two largemouth in their livewell before joining us at the launch ramp. And they report that an 8-pound, 1-ounce smallmouth took big bass in a local tournament recently.

Preparing for the coin toss

Oct 23, 2014

David Walker and Randy Howell are awaiting the coin toss to determine whose boat they'll fish from first this morning. They're on a dock across the Tennessee River from Neyland Stadium, where the Vols will host Alabama on Saturday.

Trophy up for grabs, plus bragging rights

Oct 23, 2014

The BASS Brawl trophy. Starting live at 10am ET see who goes home with bragging rights and this trophy. Walker vs. Howell.

Howell getting ready to brawl

Oct 23, 2014

Randy Howell gets his tackle together as some Tennessee fans visit with him. Howell is sitting at Riverside Park in Knoxville, waiting for David Walker to arrive.

Howell with B.A.S.S. Brawl trophy

Oct 23, 2014

Randy Howell got to the boat ramp first this morning for the BASS Brawl, and he quickly put his hands on the trophy. But it won't be officially awarded until David Walker, representing Tennessee, and Howell, representing Alabama, compete for two hours on the Tennessee River, beginning at 10 am. They'll be in the shadow of Neyland Stadium all morning for this live webcast. With no Elite Series rules in place, Howell is busy acquiring some local knowledge from a few fans who have gathered at the ramp. Stay tuned.

Things are heating up on the Tennessee River

Oct 22, 2014

After a nice dinner, Randy Howell and David Walker couldn't say goodnight any other way than this. The B.A.S.S. Brawl begins tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET. See whether the Tide will roll or the Vols will sink 'em.