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Open: Registration

Sep 30, 2015

Registration begins at Table Rock, the final stop of the Bass Pro Shops Central Opens presented by Allstate.

Family prefish

Sep 30, 2015

Mother and son Vanetta and Ryan Groeteke prefished together for the Open today. Both caught nice smallmouth bass in the midlake area.

Stingy Table Rock

Sep 30, 2015

Table Rock has been stingy to me but I finally caught one fish of the size I'm looking for.   Update by pro Cody J. Salzmann

Furry cabin friend

Sep 30, 2015

Sitting around the table eating dinner with Brett Preuett and playing with the little buddy we found in our cabin.   Update by co-angler Bret Mclendon 

Practice pic

Sep 30, 2015

Pro Zack Gagnard says, "Wish we had these in Louisiana!"

Practice smallmouth selfies

Sep 29, 2015

Vannetta Groeteke sent selfies with some nice smallmouth. "I will probably be one of very few women fishing the Central Open! I just hope that I can catch some this nice Thursday and Friday!"

More practice pics

Sep 28, 2015

Photos by Cody Ryan Greaney

Table Rock stud during official practice

Sep 28, 2015

Pro Ryan Williams from Texas holding a nice 6 1/2-pounder during official practice on Table Rock.   Update by Alex Finch

Elite qualifiers from Northern Open

Sep 28, 2015

Notes from the final Bass Pro Shops Northern Open presented by Allstate on Lake Erie.

Central Open: Luke Clausen home again

Sep 28, 2015

Luke Clausen is only 36 years old, but you get the sense he has been a blue-chip bass pro as long as some of the grizzled legends of our sport.