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Landing 20 pounds on one flip

Aug 4, 2015

Pro Jim Bianchi lands 20 pounds in one flip.   Photo by Mark Pacella

Oneida practice pics

Aug 4, 2015

Photos by Pro Scott Patton

Goby on the hook

Aug 4, 2015

Pro Jason Dudek Caught this goby on a tube.

A Sunday practice catch

Aug 4, 2015

Pro Matt Fischer catches a 4-pounder during Sunday practice.   Photo by Rick Nitkiewicz

Nitkiewicz enjoying practice

Aug 2, 2015

Rick Nitkiewicz shows off a nice one weighing 5.2 pounds from practice on Sunday.

Oneida practice

Aug 1, 2015

Oneida: 14 mph winds and weight approx 4 pounds. Right after that I lost my lower unit on an unmarked boulder in 12 feet of water.   I caught a lot today, but I had to fight the waves and wind to get them though. Smaller fish in shallows.   Update by Rick Nitkiewicz

The Brown fish are biting

Aug 1, 2015

Photo by Frank Ramsey

Catching some fish

Aug 1, 2015

This nice smallie caught on a jig and craw combo broke my rod into three pieces.   The big largemouth was caught on swim minnow.   Update by Michael Sopocy

Ninja turtle rig ready for Oneida

Aug 1, 2015

The Ninja Turtle rig (the most photographed rig in the history of the sport) is packed, polished and prepared for the 10-hour trip from Berea, Ky., to Lake Oneida.   Update by Charlie Evans

Destin DeMarian finds some nice Oneida practice bass

Jul 30, 2015