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TowBoatU.S. ready for the day

Sep 21, 2013

TowBoatU.S. saves the day

Sep 20, 2013

Crew assists five boats in two days of fishing on Arkansas River.

Open: Day Two weigh-in

Sep 20, 2013

See how the boaters and non-boaters did on the Arkansas River!

Okie Goines limps into lead

Sep 20, 2013

Local TV celebrity put on a show featuring a limit of bass that would put him in lead, and a boat rescue by two competitors.

Day Two on Arkansas River

Sep 20, 2013

Opens anglers fight to make the cut and a potential Classic berth on the Arkansas River.

Hightower update

Sep 20, 2013

After spending an hour with Dale Hightower he's moving on. He told us that we probably don't want to follow him. He's locking through. Yesterday I interviewed Stephen Browning about how river strategies are affected by change. It's happening now. I've counted 7 boats so far going past us. That's a sure sign that game plans are in a state of flux. More change. The wind has shifted from the southeast to the northwest. Skies are cloudy but the wind is pushing them out.

Day Two launch on Arkansas River

Sep 20, 2013

A rainy morning in Muskogee for the second day of the Central Open #2.

Long run

Sep 20, 2013

We just chased Day One leader Dale Hightower up the river from his first spot at the launch site. Here's the setup. He's pitching and flipping a series of logjams on the main river channel. We're in 25 feet of water and he's only 25 yards away. Must be a nice ledge near his spot.

Fan photos from launch

Sep 20, 2013

Photos by Gloria Lawson. 

Hightower hitting his spots

Sep 20, 2013

Tournament leader Dale Hightower is fishing along a riprap wall, same spot as yesterday near the launch site. Interesting observation is the boat that's just pulled up and is fishing behind him.