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Good morning from Oneida

Aug 2, 2013

Day Two of the Northern Open #2 begins with this sunrise. 

Open: Day One weigh-in

Aug 1, 2013

Get caught up on all the action of Day One on Oneida Lake!

Daves leads close field at Oneida

Aug 1, 2013

Virginia pro Chris Daves bucked conventional wisdom, claiming the first day lead with over 17 pounds of smallmouth bass.

Girl overboard!

Aug 1, 2013

"Man Overboard" is a common nautical term but we just witnessed a "Girl Overboard" courtesy of Trait Crist.

Day One on overcast Oneida

Aug 1, 2013

Opens anglers take to Oneida lake on an overcast, rainy Day One of competition.

Art Ferguson has a limit

Aug 1, 2013

Day One launch on Oneida

Aug 1, 2013

Open anglers get started in the Northern Open #2.

Beautiful sunrise

Aug 1, 2013

Beautiful sunrise with Kyle Fox and the other anglers at take-off.

Early take

Aug 1, 2013

Rain's creeping up from the southwest. Calm before the storm and that should clearly make these fish—largemouth and smallmouth—turn on. That's happening now and there's a scramble to load the box before the weather changes along with the strategies. Here's a quick rundown of what we've seen thus far.    Lots of frogging. No surprise. Most anglers are focusing on grassbeds tapering into points.  Dropshotting. No surprise, either. We're seeing a lot of offshore fishing going on across the shoals and reefs.

Horton hooks up early

Aug 1, 2013

Ron Horton early on Day One at Oneida Lake.