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For Kelly Jordon

Sep 7, 2011

Jeff Kriet grew up in Oklahoma but claims that the Arkansas River that runs through the state has never been among his favorite fisheries.

Mercury Films Festival, Week 12

Sep 7, 2011

Mercury Marine's Mercury Films Festival is under way, and there are some serious prizes at stake. Enter your video between June 3 and Sept. 30, 2011, and you'll have the chance to land the big prize.

Brown bass and topwater baits

Sep 7, 2011

I have to tell you that I got my nerve up and fished my beloved Tuesday Night Tournament last week. I didn’t get in too much trouble for doing that, either. And I won!

Mid-Atlantic Divisional launch

Sep 7, 2011

Check out images from the Day One launch of the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Divisional.

It’s about the tide

Sep 7, 2011

Every fishery has something that distinguishes it from all the others. With the Delaware River, it's the tide.

Mid-Atlantic Divisional registration

Sep 7, 2011

Check out photos as anglers register for the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Divisional.

2011 Northern Open #3 weigh-ins

Sep 6, 2011

Watch the anglers weigh in on stage at the 2011 Northern Open #3 from Oneida Lake in Syracuse, N.Y.

Classic always on my mind

Sep 6, 2011

Since securing a berth on July 10, Andrew Upshaw has had one thing on his mind: the Bassmaster Classic.

Labor Day

Sep 6, 2011

Labor Day made me stop and think about work. Like most of you guys, I work to fish.

BASSCam from 2011 Northern Open #3

Sep 5, 2011

Get live, on-the-water video updates from Oneida Lake throughout the day.