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Greg Hackney - Goes Swimming

Jul 27, 2010

Watch as B.A.S.S. pro greg Hackney goes diving to capture a fish that almost got away.

Off day for Elites

Jul 26, 2010

Monday's off day for the top 12 Elite Series anglers was anything but. The pros' had the Wounded Warriors, media interviews, and luncheon.

Media Day - 2010 Toyota Trucks Championship Week II

Jul 26, 2010

Watch as the B.A.S.S. pros are interviewed by the local press.

BASS and Hope For The Warriors

Jul 26, 2010

BASS and Hope For The Warriors pair up for special Bassmaster Elite Series Postseason event .

Montgomery River hosts 2011 Elite Postseason

Jul 26, 2010

BASS announces Montgomery River Region as host of 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series Postseason .

Entertainment at Bassmaster Postseason

Jul 26, 2010

One of the coolest things about the Bassmaster Elite Series Postseason is that fishing fans can pick a convenient time, day and place to and even meet the 12 bass pros currently ranked as the sport's best.

Martens left agonizing

Jul 26, 2010

Aaron Martens left agonizing over what might have been, lost the Ramada Trophy.

Don't look back

Jul 26, 2010

For the second year in a row, the Lake Jordan segment of the postseason was a topsy-turvy, up-is-down kind of tournament.

Lane change

Jul 26, 2010

That's what I was hearing in my head as they announced his weight and that's what I was hearing as I looked through my viewfinder and snapped a picture of Jill out in the crowd jumping up and down screaming and holding a huge handwritten sign that said "Russ Lane."

2010 Elite Series Post Season #1 - Ramada Trophy Chase - Day Two - BTS

Jul 25, 2010

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of day two at the 2010 Elite Series Post Season #1 Ramada Trophy Chase.