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A beautiful day for fishing helps anglers make moves

May 5, 2010

In this article, you can read how on Day two of the 2010 Elite Series Alabama Charge, anglers adjust to the weather conditions for a day of successful fishing.

Pickwick: Rainy day fishin'

May 5, 2010

In this article, you can read about how with changing weather conditions come changing fishing conditions. With a tornado watch in effect, anglers fishing in the 2010 Elite Series Alabama Charge at Pickwick Lake will be smart to watch the skies as well.

Reese closes in

May 5, 2010

Skeet Reese closes in on his second straight victory at this week's Bassmaster Elite Series event on Pickwick Lake. With a marginal lead, he is very surprised that he is in this position.

Pickwick: Make it quick

May 5, 2010

With the threat of tornadoes looming, the final day of fishing in the 2010 Elite Series at Pickwick Lake will be shortened by four hours. The anglers' reactions varied as they were notified of the change a few minutes before take-off.

Pickwick: Day Four notes & quotes

May 5, 2010

In this article you can read about how a hung-up lure turned into the day's biggest bass. Kevin Short knew that Sunday might be his day in the 2010 Elite series Alabama Charge

Arkansas' Short takes second Elite victory

May 5, 2010

In this article, read how Kevin Short landed his biggest fish, saving his best for last. Moving up from 74th place heading into the tournament, with a stellar performance, Short moved into 35th place at the Alabama Charge on Pickwick lake.

Midnight Train

May 5, 2010

The other day I was standing out on the huge dock here at Lake Guntersville, where the Elite anglers tie up. Out there with me were a couple of anglers sitting on upside down 5-gallon buckets. Fishing off the dock.

Expect no record bags from Guntersville

May 5, 2010

In this article read about how you can expect slower fishing at Lake Gunterville this year for the Synergy Southern Challenge. Also read about the final day of competition at Pickwick.

Sweet success

May 5, 2010

Finally, I've had some success.Pickwick was good to me — not great but good.

20 Questions with Frank Scalish

May 4, 2010

In this article find out more about angler Frank Scalish. Among the answers to twenty questions, read information about where he grew up, how he got started in bass fishing and who were some of his earliest fishing heroes.