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Day Two launch on Red River

Apr 26, 2013

Central Open #1 anglers launch for Day Two on Red River in Shreveport, Louisiana.

2011 Central Open #1 - Day Two - OTW II

Feb 25, 2011

This photo gallery features images from day two on the water at the 2011 Central Open #1. The tournament was held on Lake Lewisville, Texas.

2007 College Bass National Championship: Treble

Oct 19, 2007

But the lure never reached its target. Instead it found the back of Sanford's head, lodging several barbs through his Costa Del Mar sunglass holders and into his scalp.

2007 College Bass National Championship: Perseverance

Oct 19, 2007

These teams embodied the perseverance, dedication and passion that is a hallmark of the College Bass National Championship.