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Mar 18, 2010

I'm on my way to Clear Lake, and do I ever feel great. I didn't win on the Delta but I did have a strong tournament; fourth place. Most importantly I redeemed myself from my mediocre performance the last time we were here. That was my goal.

Putting it all together

Mar 12, 2010

I've spent the last three days trying to put together something for this tournament. It's colder than I thought it would be so that's changed my strategy somewhat.

Looking forward

Feb 26, 2010

The 2010 Bassmaster Classic is history. There are some lessons from it that we, as bass anglers, can learn and that'll help us in the future.

I gave it everything I had

Feb 21, 2010

Hey guys, sometimes it comes together for you and sometimes it doesn't. This year I came up a little short. Nevertheless, I'm proud to have fished the 2010 Bassmaster Classic.

A tough second day

Feb 20, 2010

I'm telling you, today was tough. I had five keeper bites all day; five, and one of them shook lose! You don't win the Bassmaster Classic with five bites, at least not the five I had.

In the hunt

Feb 19, 2010

OK guys, here's the way it shook out today. I started off fishing Plan A. That was the power fishing pattern that I developed as a backup pattern on Wednesday

I love it!

Feb 18, 2010

I just finished Media Day and have been spending most of the afternoon making last minute adjustments to my tackle. After I'm finished here I'll go up to my room and begin to get ready mentally for the 2010 Bassmaster Classic.

One more day to go

Feb 17, 2010

The final practice day is now history. I can honestly say that despite the tough, nasty conditions I'm pumped and ready to go. I might have something going out there. You never know for sure but I think I have a couple of patterns that'll work for me.

The winter Classic of 2010

Feb 16, 2010

Becky and I are in the hotel and settled down for the winter Classic of 2010. This one is going to be a mental bass tournament. Every angler out there can catch bass. That's no big deal. What's going to matter come Friday morning will be mental toughness under some of the most difficult conditions I've ever faced in a professional grade tournament.

A brutal practice

Feb 15, 2010

This is the most extreme Classic ever. I know there have been hot ones, and a few held on tough waters, but as far as the cold is concerned this is the worst ever. I've never practiced under conditions like I did on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.