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Out of the ashes

Apr 18, 2011

I saw a sports psychologist over the winter. She really helped me with some things.

Going catchin'

Apr 11, 2011

This week we'll talk about going catchin'. I had a really good tournament on Pickwick.It wasn't perf

Going fishin'

Apr 4, 2011

Florida's over. It's time to get serious about the rest of the season, and the Alabama Charge on Pic

Lessons relearned, part 2

Mar 28, 2011

I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday marking bed fish. I didn't even think about trying to develop

Lessons relearned, part 1

Mar 21, 2011

The St. Johns River event is over. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to say that. My problems s

One down

Mar 15, 2011

Sometimes a guy has to face the facts — Florida bass fishing is not my strong suit. I don't know why


Mar 8, 2011

Hi! It's me, Becky. I'm going to fill in for Mike this week. Classic week was tough on me. I really

More Classic thoughts

Feb 28, 2011

It's been about a week now since the Classic has been over. I have a few more thoughts about it that

Groundhog Day

Feb 20, 2011

It was the same thing all over again — including no big fish in my livewell. Call it Groundhog Day.


Feb 20, 2011

Today was a little different. I caught 18 pounds, 9 ounces. It was enough to validate my strategy an