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Brian Snowden: Deep wood bass

Mar 10, 2008

On his home waters of Table Rock Lake, Snowden has become a master at cashing checks by coaxing bass from deep water treetops.

Chad Griffin: Fishing grass flats

Mar 10, 2008

When Chad Griffin seemingly came from nowhere to claim his first Elite Series victory on New York's Oneida Lake, many fans wondered how a rookie could topple the biggest names in the sport on a body of water he had never seen before.

Chad Griffin: Sink and float — fluorocarbon with topwaters

Mar 10, 2008

While fluorocarbon is relatively new to bass fishing, any serious bass angler worth his salt knows that topwaters and fluorocarbon don't mix.

Cliff Pace: Add color to your crankbaits

Mar 10, 2008

Read Elite Series pro Cliff Pace's tips for painting crankbaits and become a casting Picasso.

Cliff Pace: Skirting the issue

Mar 10, 2008

For someone competing on a playing field that is constantly changing, the difference between success and failure on the water can sometimes be measured in the width of a few strands of a spinnerbait's skirt.

Dave Wolak: Flick shake efficiency

Mar 10, 2008

In this article, you can read how for Dave Wolak, the flick shake under certain circumstances has the potential to save the day.

Dave Wolak: Setting the drag

Mar 10, 2008

In this article, you can read how North Carolina's Dave Wolak has developed a system for ensuring the proper drag settings on both spinning and baitcasting reels.

2007 College Bass National Championship: Final launch

Oct 20, 2007

Before the takeoff on Saturday morning, and chased down the final five and asked them one question: What would it mean for you to win the national championship today?

2007 College Bass National Championship: Boat

Oct 20, 2007

They brought the latest in tackle, more than enough rods and reels and sported matching Hawkeye fishing jerseys. But the problem was they didn't have a boat.

2007 College Bass National Championship: Perseverance

Oct 19, 2007

These teams embodied the perseverance, dedication and passion that is a hallmark of the College Bass National Championship.