Topics: Master Series on Flippin'

Flippin' the fall drawdown

Oct 26, 2011

When the water's low, the available cover becomes more important for you and the bass.

It's been a good year!

Jun 14, 2011

When you're at the tail end of your career, you understand that winning is hard, that it’s not going to happen every time out. In fact, you realize — or at least I did — that even being in a position to win should be cherished.

Winter tactics for flipping

Jan 4, 2011

Let me say right up front that for most of the country — certainly the northern half, anyway — the dead of winter isn't the best time for flipping and pitching a bait. It's just too darn cold.

Tips for flipping during the early fall transition

Dec 7, 2010

As fall marches towards winter across the country, things change for flippers and pitchers. You'll remember from Lesson 12 that we have several options in the early fall, for both baits and locations.

Choosing the right flippin' and pitching rod

Oct 26, 2010

Your flipping and pitching rod is a mighty important part of your fishing equipment. Without the right one you won't get very far on the water.

Tips for flipping during hot weather

Aug 24, 2010

This time we're going to talk dock fishing, but not just any docks. We're going to concentrate on those that'll produce fish with a flipping and pitching technique during the hottest summer months.

Flipping and pitching tips for the heat of summer

Jun 22, 2010

In the next two lessons we'll cover a couple of the more popular warm weather flipping and pitching patterns that we encounter as bass anglers. The first one we'll talk about is pitching to suspended bass in standing timber on channels. The second will be flipping and pitching summertime docks.

What to look for on your home water

May 4, 2010

Careful analysis and common sense both play a role in giving the angler an idea of what and where to fish. Look at what is available to the bass, as well as structure and cover--it's all about what is on your lake.

Early spring = big fish opportunities with Denny Brauer

Mar 23, 2010

It's early spring in most parts of the country. The prespawn is in full swing. The bigger females are heavy with eggs and they're feeding voraciously. Now's the time to boat the biggest bass of your life.

Tips for how to fish a mat

Feb 23, 2010

Over the last six lessons we've talked about tackle and equipment as well as some of the basics of presentation. All of that is for naught, however, if you don't pick the right mat and fish it correctly.