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Flippin' and pitching the postspawn

Jun 3, 2013

Most of the bass around the country are in the postspawn by now. A lot of anglers don’t realize it, but this can be a really good time to flip and pitch for bass.

Flippin' and Pitchin' the Prespawn

Feb 28, 2013

No matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the bass have either spawned, are spawning or are preparing to spawn. Here's how to catch them.

Late winter & early spring

Dec 20, 2012

It’s not quite late winter or early spring yet but there are some things you can do right now to get ready and take advantage of some of the best flipping and pitching bass fishing has to offer when it does roll around.

Winter fishing can be challenging

Nov 19, 2012

As true winter arrives in most of the country your fishing options become more limited. "Limited" doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Fall into winter

Oct 15, 2012

As fall moves towards winter and everything starts to get colder, the bass tend to move more towards the vertical stuff.

Flip a white jig for fall bass

Sep 26, 2012

Flipping and pitching expert Denny Brauer helps you target fall bass.

Tips for flipping and pitching in early fall

Sep 5, 2012

Once the days start to shorten and the waters start to cool, you have two basic options if you want to catch bass: Fish the flat side of the lake or fish the backs of the coves and the creeks.

Flipping & pitching the postspawn

May 10, 2012

Thanks to an early spring the spawn is over in much of our country. However, there’s still plenty of action for flippers and pitchers, and the time to start doing it is now.

Early spring tips for flipping

Mar 15, 2012

The calendar might say spring, but in many parts of the country it's still mighty cold in the lakes and rivers. Still, the days are getting longer and things are warming up so the bass are starting to move shallow.

Line choices

Jan 5, 2012

It’s been a while since we talked about line. I’d like to take this opportunity to update you on what’s available for flipping and pitching.