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A Marshal's perspective of Dean Rojas

Jul 30, 2015

Dean Rojas' Marshal sends in a small gallery of photos showing his day.

100 days as a Bassmaster Marshal

Jul 28, 2015

Brian Drake estimates he has served as an Elite Series marshal for more than 25 tournaments, racking up more than 100 days on the water.

Velvick struggling with back injury

May 6, 2015

Byron Velvick will be limping into Lake Havasu this week due to a back injury he sustained during the Sacramento Bassmaster Elite Series at the Sacramento River tournament last week.

A Marshal photographs Day 2

May 2, 2015

Bassmaster Marshal Robert Matsuura spent Day 2 of the Sacramento Bassmaster Elite at Sacramento River with Kenyon Hill...and his camera. Collected here are the images Matsuura captured on the California Delta.

Three days as a Bassmaster Marshal

Apr 29, 2015

By Bobby Brumback “May I ask why you passed up all those laydown trees to fish this mat of vegetation?” Bobby Lane Jr. had just blasted a 1 1/4 ounce creature bait through the weeds and yanked out a 2 pounder. “I like to fish the mats,” was all he said. Most of us mortal amateurs would have probed every branch on those trees on our way to the mat. We might have even caught a bass. But the B.A.S.S. pros do exactly what they feel they need to do to have a larger stringer. Sometimes the explanation of why they do what they do is as simple as that.

A marshal ride with Gerald Swindle

Apr 23, 2015

One Bassmaster marshal shares his experience with Gerald Swindle on Lake Guntersville.

A sight fishing clinic for a newbie Marshal

Apr 15, 2015

By Bassmaster Marshal Lee Means I was number 77 on the waiting list to be a Bassmaster Marshal for the Diet Mtn Dew Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville. The Big G has become my new home lake since moving from Chattanooga, Tenn., to Madison, Ala., two years ago. Four short years ago I began fishing from the banks of the Nickajack and Chickamauga. I bought my first boat only a year ago and have become obsessed with the sport of bass fishing.

Ehrler: New kid on the block

Apr 9, 2015

Though I’ve “switched to B.A.S.S.,” my job description has not changed. My job is still to find fish and catch fish.

Jocumsen: My first Elite

Apr 7, 2015

Carl Jocumsen only had one fish to weigh in at the Sabine, but being on the Elite Series stage ended up being better than he expected.

Going overboard

Feb 19, 2015

With water temps in the 40s and air temps in the single digits, a misstep that leads to falling out of the boat could be fatal.