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Menendez: Suspending vs. floating

Jan 21, 2011

Each spring, as bass anglers head to the water, ready to dust the cobwebs away from a winter-long hiatus, they're faced with a conundrum; suspending jerkbait or floating jerkbait?

Menendez: Targeting Larger Bass

Jan 21, 2011

For the tournament bass angler, a successful day on the water is measured by the total weight of the best five bass and not the number of bass caught. Culling through scores of smaller bass means more time spent unhooking and re-rigging, and less time with the bait in the water. Even the causal weekend bass angler can appreciate a pair of 4-pound largemouth compared to a dozen "dinks."

Menendez: Tube or creature?

Jan 21, 2011

During the 2009 Elite Series campaign, a variety of baits and techniques where used to secure victories. However, in many of those wins, the lure that put an angler in position to win faltered in the home stretch and had to be replaced by an alternate bait on the final day of competition.

Protecting Yourself from the Sun

Jan 21, 2011

Before each fishing trip begins, many anglers have a mental checklist that they run through to ensure that each and every piece of essential equipment is on board and ready for action once the boat hits the water. Often, left off the list are some of the most important things, items that protect you from the elements, particularly the sun.

B.A.S.S. Reporter's Notebook

Jan 18, 2011

Special Bassmaster tournament announcement; Classic KVD; Ashley sings, The promise of this week's Toho Open and, The newest sponsor deals

Mark Menendez - Spinnerbait vs. Bladed Jig

Jan 6, 2011

Mark Menendez discusses when to use spinnerbait vs. a bladed jig.

Mark Menendez - Modifying a Spoon

Nov 3, 2010

Mark Menendez shows us how to modify a spoon lure.

Getting it right

Sep 27, 2010

Last week's travel took me to a Texas ranch outside of Dallas where I met with Strike King personnel and media people for a few days of product testing, story interviews, photo sessions and some great bass fishing. Other pros in our group were Greg Hackney, my nephew Jonathon VanDam, Mark Menendez, James Niggemeyer and Mark Davis.

2010 Elite Series Sooner Run - Day Two - BTS

Jun 18, 2010

Go behind the scenes on day two at the 2010 Elite Series Sooner Run .

2010 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph - Day Three - WI

Jun 11, 2010

This photo gallery features images from the day three weigh-in at the 2010 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph tournament.