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2006 Major - Memorial: Battle

Dec 29, 2006

"The Majors are going to be mind-blowing," said Alabama's Randy Howell. "There should be a carnival-type atmosphere similar to the Classic."

2006 Major - Memorial: Day Two report

Dec 29, 2006

Many of the 55 anglers competing in the Bassmaster Memorial know that if they're to survive Friday's cut to 12, they'll have to pull a fairly sizable bag of fish from Eagle Mountain Lake.

2006 Major - Memorial: Day Three analysis

Dec 29, 2006

Not so fast say two area tournament anglers. With Mark Menendez, the only angler to catch a limit Saturday, close behind and Mike Iaconelli and Skeet Reese less than five pounds back, Sunday's final still could provide a come-from-behind victory.

2006 Major - Memorial: Top 12

Dec 29, 2006

Michael Iaconelli began the Bassmaster Memorial by fishing a number of patterns and he met mixed results.

Peter T. aiming for victory, $1M mark

Dec 29, 2006

From 12 there came 6 to go on to the final day of the 2006 Bassmaster Memorial

2006 Major - Memorial: Day Three

Dec 29, 2006

Iaconelli's two-day total means little heading into the third day of action here in northeast Texas because his weight, along with those of the 11 other elite anglers who survived the cut, was zeroed to begin the second phase of this event.

Victory for Thliveros

Dec 29, 2006

Peter Thliveros wins the 2006 Bassmaster Major, the Memorial on Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth, Texas.

Tough day on Lake Wylie

Dec 29, 2006

Day Two of the 2006 Bassmaster American at Lake Wylie has Timmy Horton at the top of the leaderboard.

Peter T. aiming for victory

Dec 29, 2006

It's down to the final 6 at the 2006 Major, Bassmaster Memorial.

The donkey rig

Sep 7, 2006

"My friends and I call it the donkey rig," Menendez said. "It's absolutely one of the funniest ways of fishing. If you're not catching any, you'll amuse yourself the whole day because the action is so erratic and so different.