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2008 Elite Series Lone Star Shootout: Day One, Weigh-in

Apr 6, 2008

In this photo gallery, you'll find weigh-in images from Day One of the 2008 Elite Series Lone Star Shootout on Falcon Lake, near Zapata, Texas.

2008 Elite Series Sunshine Showdown: Cold Start

Mar 9, 2008

It was 43 degrees when the 12 Bassmaster Elite Series pros took off from Venetian Cove Sunday for the final day of the Sunshine Showdown.

2008 Elite Series Sunshine Showdown: Top 12

Mar 9, 2008

Here's a quick rundown of the Sunshine Showdown's leaders, and their setups.

2008 Elite Series Sunshine Showdown: Anybody's Ballgame

Mar 8, 2008

"You're going to see a couple of guys today that are not very high in the top 50 jump up and make the top 12. And you'll have a couple of guys who are way up there who will fall today."

2008 Elite Series Sunshine Showdown: Hero to Zero

Mar 7, 2008

"This is one of those lakes where it's real easy to go from a hero to a zero."

2008 Elite Series Sunshine Showdown: Fickle water

Mar 7, 2008

If you're in Central Florida and you can't afford the rollercoasters in Orlando, enter a tournament on the Harris Chain of Lakes.

2008 Elite Series Sunshine Showdown: Notes & Quotes

Mar 7, 2008

Weather warnings barked out from bullhorns by BASS officials cautioned the boaters to be wary of today's forecast, calling for winds to gust to 35 mph from the south with damaging straight-line winds blowing across the area with the approach of a strong frontal passage.

Big bites for small mouths

Mar 4, 2008

Savvy smallmouth anglers have learned from experience that the best way to catch a trophy-size brown bass is to offer it a magnum-size meal.

Choose the right topwater

Mar 4, 2008

Close your eyes, reach into your tacklebox and grab a topwater bait. Chances are, it will catch bass. Maybe not right now. Maybe not even today or tomorrow - but sooner or later, every surface bait you own will pull a largemouth up from the depths and into your boat. Knowing which one to use, however, shouldn't be left to chance, and the country's top pros can't rely on a roll of the dice. They have to know, without a hint of a doubt, which bait will produce and which one won't. Their livelihoods depend on it.

Finessing creature baits

Mar 4, 2008

Soon after large creature baits proved their stuff, lure makers introduced downsized versions. Do they measure up to their larger predecessors?