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Popper Patterns

Mar 23, 2007

Tips on poppers, for the beginners and the pros.

The greatest bass angler of all time talks about intellect, intution and being in the zone

Mar 1, 2007

During ESPNs Greaest Angler Debate in 2005, fans voted legendary angler Rick Clunn the greatest bass fisherman of all time. Given Clunn's 31 Bassmaster Classic appearances, 14 BASS victories (including four Classics), and nearly $2 million in winnings, he's certainly earned the title.

Here's where to look and how to catch bass in grass, no matter the season

Feb 1, 2007

Many bass anglers lump submerged aquatic vegetation like milfoil, coontail and hydrilla under the generic heading of "grass." For some, the term also covers lily pads and even floating plants like hyacinths. Many successful tournament pros speak of grass because they want to be vague about how and where they're catching bass to keep the competition guessing.

How to fish long bill jerkbaits

Dec 20, 2006

In this article, read what happened when Rob Kilby's Spoonbill cleared the edge of the grass. The bass inhaled it," says Kilby. "The only thing sticking out of their mouths was the bill.