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2010 Elite Series Southern Challenge - Day One - BTS

May 6, 2010

Get a behind the scenes view of the happenings on day one of the 2010 Elite Series Southern Challenge.

Midnight Train

May 5, 2010

The other day I was standing out on the huge dock here at Lake Guntersville, where the Elite anglers tie up. Out there with me were a couple of anglers sitting on upside down 5-gallon buckets. Fishing off the dock.

Day Two Notes and Quotes

Mar 19, 2010

Bobby Lane's monster bass was the big news of Day Two at the 2010 Golden State Shootout.

Elites get them early, late on Clear Lake

Mar 18, 2010

Cold mornings make for some hot fishing at the 2010 Golden State Shootout.

2010 Elite Series Golden State Shootout - Day One - OTW

Mar 18, 2010

In this photo gallery of the 2010 Elite Series Golden State Shootout day one on the water, you'll see action as anglers fish from the boat on areas of Lake Clear.

Coldwater Bottom Thumping

Mar 17, 2010

Word of Davis' deep thumpin' spinnerbait approach to cold weather largemouth had reached me through the angling grapevine.

2010 Elite Series Duel In The Delta - Day One - WI

Mar 12, 2010

2010 Elite Series photo gallery of the Duel in the Delta day one weigh in.

Wind fades, sun shines finally

Mar 11, 2010

Weber Point Events Center in downtown Stockton is the starting point for the 2010 TroKar Duel in the Delta Thursday morning.

Working hard, working smart

Feb 5, 2010

Some guys look like they have it all, especially when it comes to bass fishing. Men like Rick Clunn, Mark Davis, Kevin VanDam, Skeet Reese and Aaron Martens seem to have a natural ability to find bass. It's like you could drop them in the middle of the lake blindfolded and they'd come back with five keepers.

2009: The Year in Review

Jan 4, 2010

2009 had some memorable records made and broken, take a look.