Topics: Legends & Lore

Legends & Lore - The Big O crankbait

Jul 9, 2012

With the help of B.A.S.S. founder Ray Scott; Fred Young and his hand carved crankbait called the Big O became an overnight success.

Legends & Lore - Classic Streak

Sep 16, 2008

It's been said that Rick Clunn's 28-year streak of consecutive Bassmaster Classic qualifications could be the most remarkable achievement in all of sports.

Legends & Lore - Depth Finders

Sep 16, 2008

Carl Lowrance revolutionized the sport with his Fish Lo-K-Tor and Tom Mann perfected it.

Legends & Lore - Harold Sharp

Sep 16, 2008

In 1970, Harold Sharp joined up with the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society.

Legends & Lore - Roland Martin

Sep 16, 2008

Roland Martin almost never fished bass tournaments. Ray Scott managed to change his mind and in doing so he changed B.A.S.S. history forever.

Legends & Lore - Second Place at the Classic

Sep 16, 2008

Nobody remembers the guy who finished second, a fact that Tommy Biffle and Dalton Bobo are all too familiar with.

Legends & Lore - The Bluebird Tour

Sep 16, 2008

Necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity created the first B.A.S.S. seminar. Trying to appease an unhappy community he was holding a tournament in, Ray Scott decided to hold a free fishing seminar featuring pros from his circuit.

Legends & Lore - The One That Got Away

Sep 16, 2008

One of those unforgettable moments in Classic history, Jim Bitter caught a small bass that was barely a keeper. While he was measuring the fish, it slipped out of his hand and back into the water.

Legends & Lore - The Plastic Worm

Sep 16, 2008

From the early innovations by Nick Crème and Tom Mann to the development of revolutionary techniques like the Texas rig, the plastic worm remains one of bass fishing's top options.

Legends & Lore - The Tomato Lady

Sep 16, 2008

In 1992, at the Bassmaster Classic on Logan Martin, Guido Hibdon met the tomato lady. During the competition Guido commented on how nice her garden looked. The next day when he arrived to fish the dock he found a paper sack filled with tomatoes.