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Topwater modifications you can do yourself

Mar 4, 2008

One of the great appeals of fly tying is that the craftsman can design and build a lure that fits a specific situation.

Bass Not on the Beds

Feb 27, 2008

Kevin VanDam explains why he prefers to fish prespawn or postspawn, and that not all bass spawn at the same time.

Berkley Tacklebox: Slow Baits Equal Big Florida Bass

Jan 23, 2008

Wish you had a dollar for every time a cold front or a thunderstorm in your area caused your favorite lake's Florida-strain largemouth bass to develop lockjaw? By now we've realized that it happens because Florida-strain largemouth are more affected by weather changes and drops in water temperature than Northern-strain largemouth are even in summer. But in late spring/early summer, before the water temperature has stabilized, they can seem especially temperamental.

Berkley Tacklebox: Bass And Deep Water Ledges

Jan 23, 2008

It's not unusual for people to equate bass fishing with the shallow-water flipping and pitching that goes on so many places throughout the country. True, largemouth bass, when they inhabit structure-filled watersheds, will be found regularly around the bank, near blown-down trees, hydrilla, lily pads and other places that provide them outstanding places to both forage and hide.

Superdeep Jigging

Aug 20, 2007

Some of the pros tips on superdeep jigging.

86-degree water, and getting hotter

Aug 9, 2007

Pros prepare for their first day on the Potomac for the Elite Series Capital Clash.

2007 Elite Series - Champion's Choice: Smallmouth bite

Jul 14, 2007

"Every day's different with these smallmouths," said Cook. "We had a bunch of big fish follow the bait today. It's just that their attitude wasn't very good today."

2007 Elite Series - Champion's Choice: Day Two quotes

Jul 13, 2007

"I ran all the way down to Ticonderoga, went to the rod box. It was locked, and I realized my wife had the keys to it back in the truck. It went downhill from there."

The idea behind Hooked Up

Jul 6, 2007

"You can have an idea on Sunday morning but you never know which couple of guys are going to make a leap and change the show."

Schedule your season

Apr 13, 2007

Anglers work on timing and perfect athletic execution to pick apart their adversary, targeting his weaknesses and taking advantage of every deficiency.