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Cold fish in bed

Feb 21, 2009

In this article you will read about the bassmaster classic and how cold the temperature was during this tournament.

Day One gamble

Feb 20, 2009

In this article it is day one and some anglers take a gamble.

River language

Feb 18, 2009

In this article, you can read about some of the most popular fishing areas on the Red River for this year's Bassmaster Classic.

One Last Bite

Sep 16, 2007

Read as this morning, Ben Matsubu and Brent Chapman head into Day Four of the 2007 Elite Series of the Sunshine Showdown.

Fishing spotty

Sep 15, 2007

In this article, you can read about Bill Smith and Glenn DeLong's theory that the Sunshine Showdown can be won on their spots.

Dirty Dozen member has his day

Sep 13, 2007

In this article, you can read how Harry Potts, a season co-angler showed the younger bucks just how it is done.

Victory Sweet for Skeet

Aug 13, 2007

Skeet Reese wins the 2007 Elite Series Capital Clash, leading all four days, giving him a 107 point lead over Kevin VanDam in the Angler of the Year race.

Reese sitting pretty

Aug 12, 2007

Skeet Reese isn't taking any chances at the Capital Clash, he's not going to be conservative in his approach, he wants to rack up the AOY points.

It's Skeet's to win

Aug 11, 2007

Skeet Reese holding the lead on Day Three of the Capital Clash.

Action on Potomac to heat up even more

Aug 8, 2007

Angler of the Year points, the intense heat and just plain anticipation have the pros anxious to start the Elite Series Capital Clash.