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Citrus Slam Day Three Launch

Apr 5, 2009

In this photo gallery you will see images of the 2008 elite series Citrus Slam on the Kissimmee chain of lakes in Florida.

Dixie Duel: Day One Launch

Apr 2, 2009

In this photo gallery you will see the anglers make last minute preparations before the take off. The first group of anglers makes their way onto Lake Wheeler for the start of the Evan Williams Bourban Dixie Duel.

2009 Elite Series Diamond Drive: Day Two, Weigh-In

Mar 27, 2009

In this photo gallery, you'll find weigh-in images from Day Two of the 2009 Elite Series Diamond Drive on Lake Dardanelle, near Russelville, Arkansas.

2009 Elite Series Battle on the Border: Day Three, Launch

Mar 14, 2009

In this photo gallery, you'll find images of the anglers as they prepare to launch on Day Three of the 2009 Elite Series Battle on the Border on Lake Amistad, near Del Rio, Texas.

Enjoy the Ride

Feb 21, 2009

The biggest prize is now out of reach. Your expectations for the Bassmaster Classic were not even close to fulfilled. You are disappointed. You are more disappointed the more you think about it. It is very difficult to pull back and look at the big picture. Once you get to that point, you can see how lucky you really are.

After the Bang

Feb 20, 2009

Is it over or has it just begun? About 10 anglers usually have just begun their Classic after the first day. The rest are done. If you are in or around the Top 10 in the standings after day one, you are now in the hunt to win the biggest bass tournament on earth. If you are out of roughly the Top 10, you don't have a shot to win. Take your money and enjoy your experience. I can tell you that fishing on the third day beats the heck out of working the Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo. Being that I have never been in the Top 10 after day one, I can only tell how the rest feels.

The Big Day

Feb 20, 2009

After all a Classic angler has been through, here is the big day. You have a grueling process to qualify. You come to pre-practice and scout. You buy and/or order extra and new baits. You have to wait and think about it all the time. You practice more. You find yourself in a whirlwind of media, excitement, jitters, and the best bass anglers in the world. Now the first day of the Bassmaster Classic is here. It has all culminated to this.

First Practice

Feb 19, 2009

Bryan Schmidt is fishing his first Bassmaster Classic. He qualified for the Classic by winning the BASS Federation Nation Championship. He is from Olney, Texas. About 3,500 people live there. Many more people will attend the weigh-ins for the Bassmaster Classic than live in his hometown. You would guess that nerves are running high through Bryan's whole body this week. You would guess right.

Check, please.

Feb 18, 2009

When fishing the Classic you have already prepared thoroughly, so what do you do with the official practice day? In this article, you can read how the answer to this golden question is different every year for the same angler.

Butterfly Net

Feb 16, 2009

When the official Classic pre-practice is over, you need a butterfly net to keep your stomach in your shirt. If you didn't, you would need to just hang it up. The anticipation is continuing to build. From Rick Clunn (although he may not readily admit it) to an Open rookie, everyone feels it. After all the time preparing, now it is time for the big show.