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Locked out!

Jun 10, 2011

Anglers stranded on wrong side of lock by huge barge miss check-in, have bags disqualified.

A flipping mess

Apr 4, 2009

In this article you will read about the 2009 elite series Dixie Duel on Wheeler Lake.

2008 Central Open Day Two Weigh-in

Oct 31, 2008

In this photo gallery you will see images of the 2008 central open #2 on Lake Texoma in Texas. It is the second day weigh in.

2008 Bassmaster Central Open #2: Day Three Notes

Sep 27, 2008

Jerry Williams had a backup plan he had found during practice: "It was a dock bite, and I hadn't had to go to it the last two days, but I knew I had to make that move this morning when my fish were gone."