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Rules are rules: Snagged fish

Oct 7, 2015

Bernie Schultz talks about the "no-snag" rule, and how it affects our sport.

Ehrler: Rookie of the Year riddles

Sep 30, 2015

The fact that I have fished 10 full seasons on the FLW Tour, won five FLW Tour events, including the Forrest Wood Cup, and I am now accepting a Rookie of the Year award at B.A.S.S. has some people baffled.

Pros choose one lure for fall and offer one football scholarship

Sep 28, 2015

Three top Bassmaster Elite Series pros were asked to choose just one lure to fish with this fall.

Rookie of the Year would have meant more to Lee

Sep 24, 2015

Ehrler always seemed more embarrassed than offended by the rookie issue – even though he’s far too classy to admit it.

Daily Limit: Classic, cash and carry

Sep 17, 2015

Jacob Powroznik's big money move highlights the top five things from Day 1 of the Toyota Angler of the Year Championship.

Bubbles on the bay

Sep 17, 2015

While the top anglers secured their Classic berths with a single fish catch Thursday, others battled for their bubble not to be burst.

Fantasy: Go with favorites for the AOY

Sep 16, 2015

This is the last event of the season and there are only 10 options per bucket, so choose wisely.

Fantasy: Pick heavy hitters on Sturgeon Bay

Sep 7, 2015

Pull out all the stops and go with some heavy hitters in the season finale.

Jacob Powroznik’s drop shot tips

Aug 28, 2015

Jacob Powroznik shares some of his drop shot secrets.

Powroznik’s lighthouse

Aug 25, 2015

The heart and soul of Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jacob Powroznik can be found at a hurricane-ready home sitting on 1.7 acres of dirt his dad Dave hauled-in to stabilize the salty wet soil.