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2008 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph: Tight Tournament

Jun 25, 2008

One Bassmaster Elite Series angler summed up the fishing conditions at Old Hickory Lake this way: "You might catch 40 fish and zero."

2008 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph: Registration

Jun 25, 2008

In this photo gallery, you'll find images of the anglers as they work their way through the registration process for the 2008 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph on Old Hickory Lake, near Hendersonville, Tennessee.

2008 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph: Open mind

Jun 25, 2008

A quick look at BASS' history on the lake reads like a Cliff's Notes version of the sport — short and sweet.

2008 Elite Series: Rumbling River Relocates River Rumble

Jun 24, 2008

"The park where the weigh-in would have been held is completely underwater, and it'll be over a month until it is ready to be used again,"