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Lucas is loving Berkley's Slim Shad

Aug 1, 2014

One of the ways Justin Lucas is making his name known on the Elite Series this year — the Berkley Sl

Havoc 2012

Oct 16, 2012

Berkley Havoc 2012 features all the pro designed baits in 2011 that made it successful plus three ne

Juice Worm

Aug 13, 2012

Boyd Duckett designed the Havoc Juice Worm so it will not roll over during retrieve for consistent p

Ike on Havoc Smash Tube

Jun 4, 2012

Mike Iaconelli designed, the Havoc Smash Tube will fall and glide erratically on every cast. It can

Smash Tube

Apr 25, 1986

It can be fished in both heavy cover and open water situations and have all kinds of unique 2 color

Hawk Hawg

Apr 25, 1986

Bobby Lane designed this bait to use on Texas or Carolina Rig at any depth or speed.