Topics: Genuity River Rumble

Lock picking

Jun 12, 2009

Read about how pros must make a strategic decision as they participate in the Genuity River Rumble.

Day One notes

Jun 11, 2009

Day One of the Elite Series Genuity River Rumble held lots of surprises for all.

A river advantage

Jun 11, 2009

In this article you can read how some Elite anglers in the Genuity River Rumble rely on their knowledge of rivers closer to home to help them win.

Leading on the Mighty Mississippi

Jun 11, 2009

In this article, you can read how in the Genuity River Rumble, the mighty Mississippi, holding a good population of bass, elicits the ingenuity of participating anglers to capitalize.

Wishes unanswered

Jun 11, 2009

FORT MADISON,Iowa—On Day One of the Genuity River Rumble out of Fort Madison, Iowa, anglers knew the last thing the muddy Mississippi needed was more rain.

Pros pick three

Jun 10, 2009

in this article read how the muddy waters of the Mississippi present an extreme challenge for anglers trying to make an impressive sack in the Genuity River Rumble.