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Finessing big water smallmouth

Sep 18, 2014

The term ‘big water’ gets used a lot by bass anglers that do their best to find and catch smallmouth while bobbing atop 21-feet of fiberglass as they float across what looks more like the ocean than a lake.

Hot Product Press: Kalin's Sizmic Wac-O-Worm

Sep 18, 2014

Kalin's Sizmic Wac-O-Worm is a soft stickbait, so if you’ve ever fished a lure like this before, you know that these catch fish.

Jason Christie needs a fan

Sep 17, 2014

One item Jason Christie is always sure to pack when he hits the tour has nothing to do with fishing – it's a small, portable, electric fan.

Hot Product Press: Sebile Vibe Machine

Sep 16, 2014

See one of Patrick Sebile’s newest designs, the Vibe Machine.

31 new products for your bassin' getup

Sep 15, 2014

A selection of new bassin' apparel and eyewear products for 2014.

Ice fishing bait helps Palaniuk to Top 10 finish

Sep 12, 2014

After grabbing an early lead in a Bassmaster tournament last month, Brandon Palaniuk told the media

Hooks, heads and weights for 2014

Sep 11, 2014

A selection of new terminal tackle for the bass angler debuting in 2014.

Inside Elite boats: Morizo Shimizu

Sep 8, 2014

Elite Series pro Morizo Shimizu gives the fans a glimpse inside his bass boat.

Ike on bladed jigs

Sep 8, 2014

Michael Iaconelli talks about how he uses bladed jigs for big bass.

Meet the Draft Waker

Sep 8, 2014

Katsutoshi Furusawa has a deep love for the Big Bud style of baits. He's fished with them for years but wanted a tournament-ready fish catching topwater bait. So Furusawa created the Draft Waker.