Topics: Gary Klein

1986 Bassmaster Classic XVI

Jan 29, 2009

With fishing conditions made difficult by low oxygen levels from a summer-long drought, only ounces separated the top positions.

1985 Bassmaster Classic XV

Jan 28, 2009

Fishing his Carolina rig Do Nothing worm along a sandbar, Chancellor caught seven-bass limits during the first hour of fishing each of the first two days.

Classic Countdown: 27

Jan 25, 2009

In 2003 when a landowner fired at him with a rifle, Klein turned around and found a safer area rather than risk his life and the life of his cameraman.

Classic Countdown: 28

Jan 24, 2009

If an athlete has set any records, you remember him and his golden number. This is about Rick Clunn's.

Classic IX

Jan 22, 2009

Hank Parker won the Bassmaster Classic IX with a flipping rod he borrowed from another competitor.

Angling Mechanics - Adjusting Casting Reel

Sep 17, 2008

B.A.S.S. pro Gary Klein shows you how to adjust your casting reel.

Angling Mechanics - Dropshot

Sep 17, 2008

Watch as Gary Klein shows how he rigs a dropshot.

Angling Mechanics - Flipping

Sep 17, 2008

Gary Klein demonstrates the technique known as flipping.

Angling Mechanics - Pitching

Sep 17, 2008

Gary Klein demonstrates the finer points of pitching.

Angling Mechanics - Rodtip Repair

Sep 17, 2008

Gary Klein show how to properly repair and replace rod tips and guides.