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Classic: Day Two on the water III

Feb 25, 2012

Check out the anglers as they fish the Red River on Day Two of the 2012 Bassmaster Classic.

Robinson Busts A Move

Feb 24, 2012

Classic rookie Marty Robinson makes a big splash.

Fishing the Red River

Feb 24, 2012

Follow the 2012 Bassmaster Classic anglers as they fish the mighty Red River.

Day One Behind the scenes

Feb 24, 2012

Over an hour before the start of the 2012 Bassmaster Classic, this is what the CenturyLink Center looked like, with empty seats and crowds of people standing in various lines outside the arena.

Classic anglers at Media Day

Feb 23, 2012

The press came out in droves to interview Classic anglers on Media Day for the 2012 Bassmaster Classic.

Classic Weigh-ins

Feb 23, 2012

There's an intensity surrounding the Classic weigh-in. Here are some of James Overstreet’s more memorable shots of Classic weigh-ins past.

2012 Classic: Practice on the Red River III

Feb 22, 2012

We won't leave you "stumped" - park it there and stay with us for even more images from the final day of practice.

Winning Moments

Feb 19, 2012

The moment an angler realizes he has just won the Bassmaster Classic is one that sticks with him forever. Over the years, we’ve seen tears, screams, arms pumping, jumps and all sorts of revelations of what that angler is feeling at that moment.

Classic Launches

Feb 15, 2012

Launches at the Classic have become a show unto themselves. Photographer James Overstreet shares some of his favorite launch moments in this gallery.

Central Open #1 Fish-off: Bertrand on-the-water

Feb 12, 2012

Check out images from Lewisville Lake as Josh Bertrand competes in a fish-off for the Central Open title!