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Video: 2006 Bassmaster Classic

Feb 18, 2014

On a day when weather wreaked havoc on his closest pursuers, Luke Clausen of Washington state put th

Video: 2005 Bassmaster Classic

Feb 17, 2014

When the 35th edition of the Bassmaster Classic ended, a pair of highly accomplished pros found them

Dog-Walkers on a diet

Sep 12, 2013

Sometimes bass prefer a snack-size offering over a full meal. Find out when and how to serve up slim

Swindle on selecting crankbait hooks

Jun 20, 2012

Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle offers tips on how to select the proper crankbait hook for your bass

Cold, crowded Day Two launch

Feb 25, 2012

Fans, friends and family crowded the Red River Marina for the Day Two launch of the Bassmaster Class

Kimpton wins Quantum contest

Oct 19, 2011

For his first place video, Song Kimpton won the chance to be the very first angler in America to fis

Shryock almost quit

Oct 4, 2011

Fletcher Shryock was downright discouraged at the start of the 2011 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open s

Swindle's guide to success in a crowd

Aug 25, 2011

Community holes may get fished harder than remote spots on a lake, but there is a good reason behind

Swindle's guide to success in a crowd

Aug 25, 2011

If you have ever avoided community holes because you hate fishing in a crowd, follow some of G-Man's

Day One on the water

Jul 29, 2011

Go on the water with your favorite Toyota Trucks All-Star.