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Tackle trends: Rods

Jul 23, 2014

New guide train technology may be the biggest advance in rods in several decades.

Going coastal with bassin' gear

May 7, 2014

Sometimes sea bass (redfish) can be a fun and effective way to test bass gear.

Cajun Custom Rods

Aug 6, 2012

Bass fishing sticks made by hand to your specifications.

Build your own rod: Part 2

Jun 13, 2012

In this second installment on rod building, we put all of the pieces together to make a bass rod that fits you and the way you like to fish.

Build your own rod: Part 1

Jun 6, 2012

When you absolutely positively need it to be just right for the job, there's nothing quite building your own bass fishing rods.

Making sense of micro guides

Mar 28, 2012

While bass rods have gotten longer over the years, rod guides are getting smaller ... and better.

Two new Fuji Ambassadors

Jun 28, 2011

Anglers Resource, LLC, exclusive agent for Fuji® Rod Components in North America has announced the addition of two key “Fuji Ambassadors” Bernie Schultz and Flip Pallot.