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ICAST showcases industry savvy

Jul 21, 2015

There’s an old adage in the fishing tackle sales: You don’t have to catch fish, you just have to catch the fisherman. That couldn’t be more outdated.

There’s a new line in town

Jul 16, 2015

Technology brings advances, and the latest in fishing line comes from WFT. The European company developed a fourth style of line called Gliss that's being marketed in the U.S. by Ardent.

St. Croix fly rod made with bass in mind

Jul 16, 2015

Most bass fishermen don’t include a fly rod as part of their regular tournament arsenal. But the folks from St. Croix Rods think they should – and they’ve got a new one that’s making waves at this week’s ICAST trade show.

Lowrance debuts 3D feature for Gen 3 units

Jul 16, 2015

As Matthew Laster trolled slowly across Little Lake Conway Tuesday morning, he paused to point to an image on his Lowrance HDS-12 Gen 3 depth finder.

Swing easy, follow through

Jul 16, 2015

Inspiration for fishing products at ICAST can come from almost anywhere, even the golf course. Paul Steinhauser used a shaft from a golf club in developing the prototype for the No Tangler fishing combo that won a Best of Show.

Koppers cops Best of Show

Jul 15, 2015

Grant Koppers was absolutely jubilant when the latest LiveTarget bait, the Hollow Body Sunfish, was named the ICAST Best of Show soft lure.

Affordable fish finding in Helix

Jul 15, 2015

Weekend anglers can now affordably fish like pros with the new Humminbird Helix 7 Series.

Arresting times at ICAST

Jul 14, 2015

ORLANDO, Fla. – Bert Kaplan has been going to fishing industry shows longer than most of the 2015 ICAST attendees have been alive. And he has one of the best stories as well. The 84-year-old, meeting with old friends Tuesday more than viewing stuff in the New Product Showcase that kicks off the convention, was arrested at his first show.

Pierce: Talkin' about (tournament) practice

Jul 14, 2015

The top finishers use their practice time to identify where the fish would be, not where they were before competition.

ICAST award floats fishing kayaks

Jul 11, 2015

Having their Predator XL kayak named as Best Overall of Show at 2014 ICAST has kept Johnson Outdoors Watercraft team busy.