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Combs holds off Clunn

Mar 27, 2013

Third-year Elite pro Keith Combs of Huntington, Texas, locked out 11 other finalists Monday in the Rigid Industries Falcon Slam, including his biggest threat after three rounds, four-time Bassmaster Classic champ and Zen master of bass fishing, Rick Clunn.

It’s that first day curse

Mar 26, 2013

If I could get rid of my first day results, I’d be having a pretty good year. But I can’t and I’m not.

Day Four with Clunn II

Mar 26, 2013

Check out the veteran pro's final afternoon and impressive fish catches on Falcon Lake!

Day Four behind the scenes

Mar 25, 2013

Go backstage at the final weigh-in of the Rigid Industries Falcon Slam!

Final day on Falcon II

Mar 25, 2013

Go back on Falcon for more Top 12 experiences!

Day Four with Keith Combs

Mar 25, 2013

Photographer Seigo Saito followed Champion Keith Combs on Falcon Lake on Day Four.

Day Four weigh-in

Mar 25, 2013

See how the Top 12 fared on Falcon Lake!

Final day on Falcon

Mar 25, 2013

Check out images from Day Four in Zapata!

Combs, Clunn, Crews top 100 pounds

Mar 25, 2013

Keith Combs wins as he, Rick Clunn and John Crews bust the century mark.

Crochet weighs in

Mar 25, 2013

  Cliff Crochet caught three fish total for 10 pounds. His overall: 82-6.