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Local anglers moving in

Mar 22, 2014

The area that Davis, Elias and others are fishing is seeing a great deal of local anglers now. Alton Jones is north of the pack although he will see visitors as well very soon. Jones has his Power-Poles down and is spending a great deal of time on a small area near the grass.  

Lane has three

Mar 22, 2014

Lane just boated his third keeper. It's just a keeper, but goes in the well. He has at least 10 pounds and change.

Keith Combs swings in fourth keeper

Mar 22, 2014

Slow going, so we cross Lake George in time to see Keith Combs swing in a keeper, his fourth, with no big ones. There's a persistent wind out of the southwest. Cliff Prince says this kind of wind will blow the water out of the main river, causing a good general drop in the Lake George level. Keith slowly works this area, not seeing bed fish in this dirtier water, but getting results.

Hill is on the hunt

Mar 22, 2014

Kenyon Hill in his smartly wrapped Smith & Wesson Triton just trolled slowly past our anchored blogger boat, casting ahead and downwind with a Zoom Speed Worm. That's a great presentation in Florida's waters, especially around eelgrass beds. One of the predecessors to the Speed Worm was the old Paddle Tail worm, and it's been deadly for decades. These worms have oversize paddle-shaped tails that wag and vibrate on a fast retrieve.

Hackney's St. Johns lunkers

Mar 22, 2014

On Day 2, Greg Hackney caught a 10-10 bass that tied Bernie Schultz for biggest bass of the Elite Series in 2014. It was also the largest St. Johns bass in Elite history. In 2012, Hackney's 10-9 from the St. Johns took big bass honors for the entire season.

Chris Lane loses one, then boats an 8-pounder

Mar 22, 2014

Lane has been patiently waiting for a bite. He mentioned to his cameraman maybe they all bit yesterday. A few minutes later he loses one. He was obviously disgusted. It was starting to feel like a painful day, when he set the hook again. After a monumental battle that had the fish circle his boat, almost get in the trolling motor of the camera boat, Lane hauls in what looks like an 8-pounder. Lane went ballistic with excitement. That should give him about 9 pounds and change. And maybe things are getting ready to bust open.

Snowden on lily pads

Mar 22, 2014

Photo by Marshal Donald Waiberman

Making a move to skinny water

Mar 22, 2014

Paul Elias continues to catch small fish. We are making the short run back to Mark Davis. Two more local anglers have arrived to fish this area as well. Everyone is moving to the skinny water. That is the only option if your sight fishing right now. The wind is making it very difficult to see. 

Ponds brings in a third

Mar 22, 2014

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Ron Moore

Waiting For Mr. Goodbite

Mar 22, 2014's Chris Mitchell and I are in the also-ran boat, hunting for anglers in the middle of the pack who aren't covered by the A-Team of Steve Wright and James Overstreet. We've found 'em nearby to Randy Howell, but we're not seeing much action. A stiiff tailwind just pushed us past Ott DeFoe, who has two fish this morning and is currently in 25th place. We're on the west side of Lake George, near Howell's hot spots and haven't seen a fish catch yet. Wrong time in the right place. DeFoe is looking for beds.