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Coldwater Bottom Thumping

Mar 17, 2010

Word of Davis' deep thumpin' spinnerbait approach to cold weather largemouth had reached me through the angling grapevine.

Delta to Clear Lake

Mar 17, 2010

The Pros are switching gears to be ready for the transition from the California Delta to Clear Lake.

Clear Lake - It's extraordinary

Mar 16, 2010

Heavy swimbait tackle can be a problem for some of us. Coming from the Midwest I don't have much experience throwing big lures. We just don't do it in my neighborhood.

Michael Iaconelli - Modifying Creature Bait

Mar 15, 2010

Michael Iaconelli (Ike), walks you through the process of modifying creature bait.

Michael Iaconelli: Planning

Mar 15, 2010

Michael Iaconelli cannot stress enough how important it is to have your A, B, and C plans prepared before you go fishing.

Michael Iaconelli: Retrieval Speeds

Mar 15, 2010

Michael Iaconelli explains whether you're burning, deadsticking or slow rolling, retrieval speeds are very important.

Mike Iaconelli's Tips

Mar 15, 2010

Michael Iaconelli explains his "hour rule" and why you should use it too.

Mike Iaconelli: Running and gunning

Mar 15, 2010

Michael Iaconelli explains his running and gunning strategy and how it works.

Mike Iaconelli: Secondary points

Mar 15, 2010

Michael Iaconelli explains why your secondary point should be your first stop.

Timing is everything

Mar 14, 2010

It's Sunday afternoon in California. I thought this would be a good time to write this week's blog. I'm in between rigging rods and tying on swimbaits getting ready for tomorrow's practice on Clear Lake. I'd rather be fishing but ...