Topics: Don Barone

db: Mark Davis, giving thanks

Nov 26, 2015

Giving, thanks, takes no holiday, giving, thanks is supposed to be a daily event, a daily thought.

db: Fishing for bald eagles

Nov 23, 2015

Don Barone finds more than smallmouth while spending a cold day fishing on the Connecticut River.

An Open Letter to Alex Wetherell

Nov 7, 2015

His name is, Alex Wetherell. And this Open Letter is for him. And all those like Alex, who are on their way.

db: Remembering 'Papa' at Nation Championship

Nov 5, 2015

It is the first day of practice and all around us trucks are pulling anglers out of the water and into their assigned parking spot. Boat #47, with Brian in it, floats in a bay, waiting.

db: Déjà who?

Nov 3, 2015

I think it’s perfect this worldwide event is in Monroe, La., and in my now eight years of doing this gig, think this event would be a perfect fit in hundreds of small and big towns in America.

Mark Davis diagnosed with skin cancer

Oct 3, 2015

Elite angler Mark Davis tells Don Barone that he will be treated Monday for skin cancer on his lower lip.

db: Bobby Lane

Sep 29, 2015

db talks to Bobby and Chris Lane and discovers they are not what he thought.

db: The bubble

Sep 17, 2015

Half the field has to catch the fish of their lives to save their entire 2015 season. That my friends, is a fishing tournament unlike all other fishing shindigs.

db: The Ride

Aug 29, 2015

Riding along on K-Pink's last day as an Elite.

db: Keep on, keepin' on in the 4th quarter

Aug 27, 2015

Eight weeks of competition, thousands and thousands of miles of travel, hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice, casting, too many times to count.