Topics: Denny Brauer

Brauer's creature feature

Sep 5, 2006

"So I started taking a big action tail-type worm and actually shoving it up inside it. And it almost looked like a monster lizard in the water. I caught good fish on it. I caught quality fish."

Chad Brauer's jig system

Aug 21, 2006

When boys are born, some fathers will place a small baseball mitt in their crib. Legend has it that Chad Brauer's basinet contained an assortment of Strike King jigs.

2006 Elite Series Champion's Choice - Jig

Jul 28, 2006

Mark Zona breaks down Denny Brauer's jig fishing.

Father-son combo ready for Elites

Oct 27, 2005

Read how Denny Brauer and his son Chad have both signed up for the Bassaster Elite series and are looking forward to traveling together and competing against one another in 2006.

Former Classic champ Brauer

Jul 26, 2005

Denny Brauer is well on the road to recovery after having back surgery to relieve him from suffering a painful sciatic nerve problem.

New faces, going places

Jul 26, 2005

There are a lot of new names fishing the CITGO Bassmaster Classic this year. A few you may recognize, or not.

2004 Bassmaster Classic: FLW conflict

Jul 26, 2005

In response to a scheduling change to the FLW Championship that conflicts with traditional CITGO Bassmaster Classic dates, BASS officials have responded by calling the move damaging to the sport of professional bass fishing.

2004 Bassmaster Classic: Brauer's back

Jul 26, 2005

As Brauer enjoyed the view from atop bass-fishing's highest mountains, a wild wave smashed into his boat while he competed in a 1999 tournament on Lake St. Clair near Detroit.

Running the Classic race

Jul 26, 2005

Some anglers have won from the lead, while others have stormed back from behind to claim fishing's biggest prize.

2004 Bassmaster Classic: Omori leads

Jul 26, 2005

Thirty-four-year-old Takahiro Omori, a two-time Classic contender now living in Emory, Texas, became the first Japanese angler to lead the prestigious three-day world championship.