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60 years ago today: World-record smallmouth caught

Jul 9, 2015

Controversy swirls around this fish that stood as the world record for more than 40 years and now splits the record keeping authorities squarely down the middle.

What is a trophy?

Oct 22, 2010

Manubu Kurita wins a Big Bass trophy with is record tying catch

10 Ways to a World Record

Apr 5, 2009

It's springtime, and in the spring they say a young man's fancy turns to love. But in the spring, a fisherman's mind turns to bass — big bass!

It's all in the jig

Dec 5, 2008

When I think of smallmouth bass lures, I always start with the jig. It's all there, really. Everything you need to catch a brown bass can be found in that hunk of lead, strands of hair, rubber or silicone and a hook.

Once and Future King

Aug 6, 2008

David Hayes was stripped of his crown for catching the largest smallmouth. It took 10 years to correct but all's well in the end.

Hayes reclaims top smallie honors

Jul 9, 2007

When David Hayes caught his 11-pound, 15-ounce brown bass from Dale Hollow Lake in 1955, he knew it was bigger than any smallmouth he had ever seen before.