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The Ultimate Guide To Supercold Smallies

Dec 18, 2009

Braving the cold to catch smallmouth.

Spoonin' Techniques

Feb 4, 2009

Fishermen who simply take the spoon right from the package, tie it on, drop it over the side and begin jigging are not going to achieve the same level of success as anglers who tweak both the lure and the presentation.

Grubbing on the river

Oct 9, 2008

One autumn day about five years ago, Steve was into a hot Potomac River bite. The bass were literally tearing up curled-tail grubs. He was down to his last bait, from which bass had already ripped the tail.

Living on the Ledge

Jul 28, 2008

Summer fishing is a balancing act. An angler must weigh time spent studying offshore ledges versus a see-cast-and-reel tactic for shallow visible cover.

Finesse jigging

Mar 4, 2008

In the not-too-distant past, the mention of the word "finesse" to bass anglers would be followed by snickers. Anglers pictured wimpy rods and tiny baits hardly the image hard-core fishermen wanted to project.

Grubbing on the river

Mar 4, 2008

Steve Chaconas has had many colorful careers, but the most pleasurable is his fishing and guiding others on the Potomac.

How to hunt bass in the open

Mar 4, 2008

It's sort of like Christopher Columbus in the 1490s trying to convince a skeptical crew that the world was not flat. That analogy comes to mind when discussing open water bass on Northern lakes with dyed-in-the-wool bank burners and bottom bumpers.

Night fishing for smallmouth

Mar 4, 2008

Listen to Jim Duckworth, one of Tennessee's most recognized fishing guides, discuss how nighttime can be the ultimate for catching smallmouth bass

Slider fishing revisited

Mar 4, 2008

Charlie Brewer created a simple bait and called it a slider, and the rest is the Slider Lure Company history.

Stand up and be counted

Mar 4, 2008

In this article, you can read how and why various anglers use stand-up jigheads.