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Classic Countdown: 22

Jan 30, 2009

Most Classic fans know about the 10 pounds rule, but if you don't here it is: Each Classic competitor is allowed just 10 pounds of terminal tackle in the boat with him. That includes lures, sinkers, hooks and the like.

Classic Countdown: 37

Jan 18, 2009

Besides it being 37 days until the 2009 Bassmaster Classic, there are some other memorable events attached to this number.

Legends & Lore - Second Place at the Classic

Sep 15, 2008

Nobody remembers the guy who finished second, a fact that Tommy Biffle and Dalton Bobo are all too familiar with.

Oh Boyd, What A Classic

Jun 5, 2007

Just how did Boyd Duckett out-fish the world's best at the 2007 Bassmaster Classic?

The only thing people remember is that 1-ounce loss

Mar 1, 2007

In this article, you can read how Dalton Bobo never got past his brush with immortality when as an amateur angler he competed against the world's top professional fishermen and lost by just a single ounce.

The Top-10 Classic moments

Feb 7, 2006

36 World Championships are culled down to give us the Top 10 Classic moments.

Amateurs enter Classic

Jan 4, 2006

Federation fishermen know that history can repeat itself and their dreams could come true at the 2003 Bassmaster Classic.

Bassmaster Classic: Great moments

May 17, 2005

The Classic is the most prestigious, most watched, most exciting, most heavily anticipated, most publicized and the most lucrative tournament of all. It is simply the most important contest in competitive fishing.