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Profile: Upstate Anglers

May 28, 2015

Mission Statement: To provide 100 percent payout of all tournament entry fees creating the largest paybacks possible to our fishermen. No bull, no cut, just fishing! Our focus will be to provide our anglers best-in-class tournaments while presenting teams of anglers the greatest opportunities that the bass fishing world can offer. We aspire to be the greatest conservationists and work with our state and local agencies to protect and promote the Upstate and Finger Lakes Region of New York as a resource for generations to come.  

McKinnis shares adventures in new book

May 26, 2015

Jerry McKinnis has spun his yarns into a book, stitching together stories of his life into an autobiography, Bass Fishing, Brown Dogs & Curveballs.

Hot Product Press: Huk KVD performance fishing apparel

May 26, 2015

What is it? Huk (pronounced “hook”) Performance Fishing Gear’s newest line of technical angler clothing, the Kevin VanDam Signature Apparel Line — offered exclusively at Bass Pro Shops.

Ike: Fishing grubs, part 2

May 26, 2015

There are three basic styles of grubs — curly-tail, boot-tail and straight-tail.

Bass fishing helps a soldier heal

May 21, 2015

I just knew, that standing before me — a smiling face, with one eye gone — was one hell of a story.

Family-friendly fun is in store at BASSfest in Northwest Tennessee

May 21, 2015

Fishing fans and their families can join in all the fun for the five days. All B.A.S.S. events are free. Following are 25 things to see and do at BASSfest in Paris.

Hot Product Press: Hoven Monix

May 21, 2015

What is it? Hoven’s Monix, a pair of shades you’ll have to try really hard to lose. What does it do? They’re polarized shades that keep your eyes from tiring from the sun. Plus, the built-in retainer has a strip of foam across it that floats them if they go overboard. How do I use it? If you need an explanation about how to use sunglasses, you likely have bigger concerns than wearing sunglasses. Stick ’em on your face and enjoy!

Memoirs detail 78-year adventure of television fishing show pioneer

May 21, 2015

As his hopes of becoming a major league baseball pitcher began to fade, Jerry McKinnis gave himself over to another passion: fishing. Baseball’s loss was fishing’s gain as McKinnis progressed from local television fishing show host to cable television pioneer to bass fishing icon.

New Jersey collecting gear for Ike Foundation

May 20, 2015

The New Jersey B.A.S.S. Nation is collecting fishing equipment at its events this season to help The Ike Foundation get kids into fishing.

Hot Product Press: O.S.P. Yamato

May 19, 2015

What is it? O.S.P’s spook-style walking bait, the Yamato. What does it do? The Yamato is three baits in one, thanks to the pair of line ties. It’s a popper, walking bait and subsurface bait in one. The difference here is that the Yamato excels at all three. It’s not a halfway compromise of any.