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Bass War

Nov 10, 2008

Anglers, conservationists and scientists are angered by CapeNature's tentative plans to treat four rivers with rotenone to kill bass and trout, both exotic species that were introduced to the nation more than a century ago.

Deadly fish virus detected in Ohio River

Nov 10, 2008

The deadly fish virus commonly known as VHS (viral hemorrhagic septicemia) has apparently entered the Mississippi River drainage, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

New generation of contamination

Nov 10, 2008

Only a handful of these compounds have been thoroughly evaluated to determine their potential effects on fish, however.

BASS Contributes $15,000 to Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership

Oct 1, 2008

BASS helped found the partnership and members range from local governments and property-owner associations to federal agencies and reservoir-controlling agencies.

President Protects Angling

Sep 29, 2008

Specifically, the amendment states, "recreational fishing shall be managed as a sustainable activity in national wildlife refuges, national parks, national monuments, national marine sanctuaries, marine protected areas, or any other relevant conservation or management areas or activities under any federal authority, consistent with applicable law."

BASS Supports National Hunting and Fishing Day

Sep 24, 2008

As the worldwide authority on bass fishing, BASS consistently supports efforts that promote outdoors recreation through its multi-media platforms, youth programs and tournament structure.

Legends & Lore - Catch & Release

Sep 15, 2008

Ray Scott was invited to host a trout fishing event and was amazed at how excited grown men got when they released one of the small fish alive. If these guys got excited about a puny trout, how would people react seeing an 8-pound bass released?

The Quest for a Record Smallmouth

Sep 11, 2008

As far as most bass fishermen are concerned, the number to beat is 22 pounds, 4 ounces. To smallmouth bass fishermen, it is 11-15.

The Case Against Catch and Release

Sep 5, 2008

It's widely agreed that catch and release is a good thing, but the less audible argument made by fisheries biologists is that underharvesting can be just as detrimental as overharvesting.

Some of you still don't get it

Jul 11, 2008

Keeping Bass Alive