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Washington club fights regulation change

May 29, 2013

MOUNT ST. HELENS, Wash. — The Fire Creek Bassmasters worked closely with another club to help stop the change in regulations for smallmouth bass, walleye and catfish on the Columbia River. The two volunteers wrote letters to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and met with the WDFW director. The project required 10 man-hours. Ultimately, the clubs were unable to stop the regulation change.

Bass vs. salmon: Can they not coexist?

May 24, 2013

This speech, which Noreen Clough presented at an American Fisheries Society meeting in Boise, Idaho, takes on Columbia River managers who want to remove bass regulations in order to protect salmon.

Clough connections

Sep 27, 2011

On any given work day, B.A.S.S. Conservation Director Noreen Clough won’t be in her office. She’s far more likely to be in, say, a Washington, D.C., meeting, or in Minnesota discovering bass anglers’ concerns.

Bass fishing needs Skeet Reese

Jun 22, 2011

Not that bass fishing doesn’t have him, it just makes a good title.

BASS Federation: 2009 Southern Divisional - Day 3

Feb 17, 2011

Day Three Southern Divisional Results

Kiriyama on Drop Shotting

Feb 3, 2011

BASS Signature Series: Kotaro Kiriyama on Drop Shotting

The 5 best smallmouth rivers

Jun 15, 2009

From the selections made by resource managers, professional anglers, guides, outdoor media members and industry insiders, we compiled a list of the five top favorite rivers for smallmouth bass fishing.

Federation Western Divisional

May 16, 2009

In this photo gallery we see images of the Federation Western Divisional on the third day.

Federation Western Divisional

May 13, 2009

In this photo gallery you will see the Federation Western Divisional on the Columbia river. It is the first day launch.

Threat to Columbia River

Jun 17, 2008

In this article, you can read how a shipment of hatchery-reared trout in Nevada may be the source of the spread of non-native mussels in the Columbia River.