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Rigged up for creature baits

Mar 1, 2011

The same rod-and-reel setup an angler is likely to prefer for pitching, flipping or fishing Carolina

Mother lode

Sep 11, 2009

Kelly Jordon feels the trouble with Lake Jordan is that there are so many good-looking humps and led

Winning gear on Kentucky Lake

Sep 4, 2009

Though Florida angler Bobby Lane had put the big smackdown on the rest of the field for three days,

Day Four notes and quotes

Jun 6, 2009

In this article, you can read comments by anglers as they reflect on the happenings of the tournamen

Making a move

Jun 6, 2009

In this article, you can read some interesting stories of how the anglers hope to position themselve

Notes and quotes - Day Three

Jun 5, 2009

Read the story of Shaw Grigsy's emergency treble hook removal and Paul Elias' take on technology.

Chasing the big bite

Jun 5, 2009

Very few anglers were able to get the big bite at the Tennessee Triton, but there were some that did

Fish Management 101

Jun 4, 2009

Along a ledge at Kentucky Lake, Bobby Lane has hit paydirt.

Winning Gear

Jun 2, 2009

Tommy Biffle won the Evan Williams Bourbon Dixie Duel with this gear.

Heading into the bell lap

May 27, 2009

Here are the current standings for the Bassmaster Angler of the Year Award, with 3 tournaments left