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Anglers tackle Guntersville for official practice

Feb 19, 2014

Take a peak at what practice on Lake Guntersville looked like for the Classic contenders.

Bill Lowen with a nice one

Feb 19, 2014

Go, go, go with the GoPros

Feb 19, 2014

Trait Crist, who fishes the Bassmaster Opens, helps Shaye Baker get the GoPros ready for deployment. Baker in is charge of placing the wide-angle waterproof wonders in all 55 competitors' boats. The plan is to get footage to run on the Classic shows.

A spinnerbait kind of Classic?

Feb 19, 2014

Steve Wright's entry about spinnerbaits being a major factor might be the most prophetic thing written about this Classic thus far.  We found Mark Davis flinging a spinnerbait around in some shallow water. We've now seen them used over 30 feet of water and in just three. They truly are versatile and today is just a spinnerbaity kind of day; overcast and windy.

G-Man all business

Feb 19, 2014

Gerald Swindle has spent a lot of time on Guntersville preparing for the Classic. Leary has seen him out for days in a row before the cutoff.   We've seen him today in Allred's and now Spring Creek, but "I've got 100 miles more to go."   There was no yucks from probably the most humorous guy in the field. The man looks serious about putting Classic title on his resume.

Locals predict win on a lipless crankbait or a big swim bait

Feb 19, 2014

We returned to the ramp so James Overstreet can send in a mid-morning photo gallery. While he's doing that I wandered into the bait shop across the street hoping to gather some secrets or information. Proprietor Donnavant Collins told me that this tournament will be won on a lipless crankbait or a big swim bait -- nothing earth shattering, just confirmation of the conventional wisdom.

Carden with a 4-pounder

Feb 19, 2014

As the day wears on, we're seeing more and mire boats head north into the riverine portion of Guntersvile. Yusuke Miyazaki is casting a lipless crank bait to a sandy flat. We just saw local stick Coby Carden catch a 4-pounder on a spinnerbait. Like Steve Wright said, these mini A-rigs might be a factor in the ledge fishing game. 

Suchan shooting BassCam with Swindle

Feb 19, 2014's Mike Suchan shooting BassCam with Gerald Swindle.

Boom, boom, there's Roumbanis

Feb 19, 2014

The sun pops out and boom, boom, there's Fred Roumbanis. He said he's caught a nice fish among several others and boom, boom, he hooks up with another 4-pounder.  We follow him and get hung up on a hump briefly. Check out his Basscam.

Walker graphing today

Feb 19, 2014

We've run a good way up the lake following 8 or 9 pros. Most are below Town Creek, but we've seen Bill Lowen, Keith Combs and Steve Kennedy. Kennedy ducked under a bridge and into a small pocket. He stayed for several minutes before throwing up his hands and saying " I don't know what I'm doing!" Sandbagging at its finest. Combs is at the mouth of Sauty Creek flinging a lipless crank bait.